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CLEVELAND, OH—Expressing regret after being misled by the ruthless stunt, the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame rescinded the nomination they offered to The Cure Thursday after discovering the band was voted in as a cruel prank by popular kids. “We will no longer be inducting The Cure to the Hall after learning they were selected to join our 2019 class by a group of jocks and preps who wanted to mess with the shy band,” said the organization’s president Greg Harris, as the goth rock group’s initial excitement quickly turned to despair after learning of the mischievous trick, causing the sensitive members to cry so hard their makeup streaked down their faces. “While we appreciate The Cure’s musical contributions, the band will not be taking part in our annual ceremony. We feel for the group—they thought they were finally being accepted, but it turns out the cool kids just wanted to embarrass them.” At press time, the organization had inducted the Dave Matthews Band instead.

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