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LOS ANGELES—Touted as a bold imagining of 26th-century life, the science fiction movie Day Of The Crimson proposes a vision of the future in which women rarely—if ever—speak to each other, sources confirmed Friday. “Even beyond its taut pacing and gorgeous cinematography, the film offers a glimpse at an alternate reality in which women still exist, but engage in no meaningful exchanges whatsoever,” said New York Times film critic A.O. Scott, noting that when the women of this advanced society do speak to each other, their dialogue centers around one or more prominent male characters. “In the lush world the filmmakers have created, one 500 years removed from our own, there seem to be be fewer women in general… Apart from the throngs of ever-present female sex robots, only a scant few appear, and none over the age of 40.” Despite early hype, several reviewers on the website Rotten Tomatoes claim the film—which was written by James Gunn, directed by Christopher Nolan, stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, and opens in theaters nationwide June 9—borrows its female-conversation subplot from several thousand other movies released from 1927 to last week. 


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