Illustration for article titled Shocked ‘Our Planet’ Viewers Watch As David Attenborough Enters Scene To Break Neck Of Starving Polar Bear

SAN JOSE, CA—Left aghast at a segment depicting the cruel realities of life in the Arctic wilderness, viewers of the new Netflix docuseries Our Planet were reportedly shocked Friday to witness narrator David Attenborough step into the frame to break the neck of a starving polar bear. “The scene was about a mama polar bear looking for food, and then, all of a sudden, the music stops and you hear David Attenborough yelling, ‘Someone needs to put her down!’” said viewer Chris Dorff, who expressed his utter bafflement at watching the 92-year-old Attenborough pin down a feeble, emaciated polar bear and brutally snap her head around 180 degrees, after which the camera cuts to unrelated footage of Canada geese. “He held the dying bear in his arms and whispered, ‘Easy, girl,’ over and over, telling her she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. Then, he looked at the camera and started talking about how we are all part of one planet, and some things must die so that others may live. It was pretty intense.” Sources confirmed the episode’s credits roll over a shot of Attenborough standing on the deck of a boat harpooning diseased narwhals.


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