Illustration for article titled Simon, Garfunkel Pose Perfectly Still In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Exhibit To Avoid Security Guard Catching Them Living In Museum

CLEVELAND—Recreating the iconic pose depicted on their 1970 album Bridge Over Troubled Water, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel stood utterly motionless in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit Friday to avoid detection by a security guard on the brink of catching them living in the museum. “That’s weird—I could have sworn one of those guys there had a beret,” said night watchman Clive Reynolds, directing the beam of his flashlight first at Garfunkel, then at Simon, then back at Garfunkel again for what seemed like an eternity as both members of the legendary folk-rock duo tried desperately not to blink. “Why are these average-looking guys in the glam-rock exhibit anyway? Oh, well. That one’s above my pay grade. Whoa, there must be a leak or something because the foreheads on these mannequins are all damp. Better go check if something’s wrong with the plumbing. Look at me, talking to myself like a loon.” Reynolds turned around just before exiting the exhibit hall upon hearing what sounded like a sneeze, scratching his head upon finding the stationary duo frozen in the iconic pose depicted on their 1964 album Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.


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