‘Stranger Things 2’ Creators Say Keen Viewers Will Notice Twinge Of Disappointment Hidden In Every Scene

LOS ANGELES—Saying that eagle-eyed fans on social media had already pointed out several of them, the creators of Stranger Things 2 revealed Tuesday that keen viewers will notice twinges of disappointment hidden in every scene. “Not to give too much away, but be on the lookout for the tiny letdowns we snuck in almost everywhere,” said series co-producer Matt Duffer, adding that the highly anticipated sequel was jam-packed from start to finish with little frustrations the casual viewer may not notice. “We didn’t want every disappointment to be completely in-your-face. In fact, you may have to watch the season twice to catch everything that makes you wonder why you bothered watching in the first place.” Duffer also emphasized, however, that even viewers who completely miss the hidden disappointments could still watch the entire season and be thoroughly disappointed all the same.


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