Illustration for article titled Tearful Meghan McCain Opens Up About Father’s Dying Wish That She Be Given Her Own Daytime Talk Show

NEW YORK—Overcome with a swell of emotion while recalling the final words of Arizona senator John McCain, a tearful Meghan McCain opened up Thursday about how her late father’s dying wish was for her to be given her own daytime talk show. “My father was a genuine American hero, and it’s only right that we honor his departing wish of letting me anchor my own hit daytime talk show called Meghan In The Morning,” said a visibly choked-up McCain, claiming that her father didn’t spend five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam just for people to invoke his memory in ways that didn’t further her television career whatsoever. “It’s hard not to get emotional when I remember how he held my hand on his deathbed and declared that I deserved to be number one in my time slot. He dreamed about seeing me, and me alone, interview the biggest names in Hollywood and Washington. He’s gone now, but if we honor his wishes—as we should—his memory can live on between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on a major network like ABC, or maybe CBS. It’s what he wanted.” McCain also revealed that her father’s dying words were, “Don’t accept anything less than a $15 million contract.”

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