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MODESTO, CA—Saying he is willing to do all the hard work necessary to succeed in the music business, local teenager and aspiring recording artist Morgan Reyes told reporters Sunday that he is in his garage every day crafting a widely marketable persona in hopes of one day winning a Grammy Award. “It’s always been my dream to win a Grammy, and I know that if I just put in the hours and tailor myself into a charismatic pop star with broad cross-market allure, I can make it happen,” said Reyes, 16, adding that the time he spends in the garage both after school and on weekends is the sacrifice required to develop a personality as magnetic, yet approachable, as all his musical heroes. “It’s a ton of work, and some days I’m not sure I have what it takes to be both non-threatening enough for the teen demographic and also down-to-earth enough to appeal to slightly older mainstream listeners. But it’s all going to pay off when the obsessively studied character I’m presenting to the public as myself is holding up that Best New Artist trophy.” Reyes went on to say that he has known he wanted to be a musician ever since his parents paid a veteran Los Angeles producer to write his first song for him.

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