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AGOURA HILLS, CA—Following an explosive report into allegedly abusive conduct, sources confirmed Colton Underwood, star of the current season of The Bachelor, was accused Thursday of leveraging his power as a reality television personality to lure and entrap 30 women in a California mansion. “Mr. Underwood convinced these women they were going to be wealthy and famous if they came to live with him in this house and showered him with attention,” an official investigating the case said on condition of anonymity, detailing how the 27-year-old former NFL practice squad player manipulated women at the mansion, where he promptly seized control of all aspects of their lives, including what they wore, what they ate, and when they could speak to him. “There’s a real power dynamic here. He gives them the sense they’re special by taking them on hot tub dates and beach trips. He engages in fear tactics with ‘rose ceremonies’ in which he threatens to exile those he deems insufficiently devoted. He’ll even corner them alone on one-on-ones. And meanwhile, this pervert is filming the whole thing.” At press time, authorities were reportedly panicking after realizing Underwood had fled the country with a handful of the women in a jet bound for the tropics.

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