With blockbuster season just around the corner, The Onion highlights the most anticipated films of the summer.

Wonder Woman

This hotly anticipated film will be DC’s first to focus on Wonder Woman, a superhero whose powers include flight and forcing audiences to pay attention to female-driven action films


Cars 3

In the franchise’s third installment, the gang must save Lightning McQueen when he’s recalled for failing to meet fuel efficiency standards


This gritty World War II epic starring Harry Styles and Tom Hardy will introduce a generation of squealing teenage girls to the abject horrors of war


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

With the fifth film in the franchise, Disney hopes to finally capture the essence of its theme park ride with a plot centered around the long lines, damp seats, and penny-pressing machines of the high seas


An Inconvenient Sequel

This film brings back the entire original cast despite rumors of an ugly on-set rivalry between co-stars Al Gore and Planet Earth


The Mummy

In this action-adventure flick, a mysterious, long-dead franchise is unearthed and brought back to life by a group of foolhardy Universal Studios executives



Fans of the TV series will get some much-needed closure about who is hot now

Alien: Covenant

Shedding light on a population that Hollywood too often overlooks, director Ridley Scott tells the story of an everyday Xenomorph alien


Despicable Me 3

Many experts predict the human species has less than 100 years left to live on this planet


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