The 90th Academy Awards have continued the trend of offering a more diverse slate of nominees, while organizers will seek to avoid a debacle like last year, when the Best Picture trophy was initially awarded to La La Land instead of Moonlight. Here are The Onion’s selections for this year’s winners.

Get Out (Best Original Screenplay): This socially conscious thriller has been widely praised for sparking a national discussion about hypnotism.

Sally Hawkins (Best Actress): A lead female character who never says a word is sure to appeal to many older Oscar voters.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Best Sound Mixing): Critics agree that beeping and swooshing noises have never sounded crisper.


Call Me By Your Name (Best Adapted Screenplay): Of all the disgraceful bottom-feeders who took another’s work and passed it off as their own, James Ivory did the least shameful job.

Gary Oldman (Best Actor): Let’s see if Gary can pull this one out of his hat before those abuse allegations catch up to him.


Coco (Best Animated Feature): Easily crushing the competition, Coco benefits from a tremendous soundtrack, great performances, and Pixar’s inability to lose in this category.

Richard Jenkins (Best Supporting Actor): The character actor known for performances in movies like Burn After Reading and Cabin In The Woods showed off his dramatic range this year by playing a character who isn’t brutally murdered.


Kong: Skull Island (Visual Effects): The visual effects team worked tirelessly to make the landscapes and actors look tiny compared to the regular-sized gorilla playing Kong.

I Love You, Daddy (Best Picture): With a record 15 nominations, including Best Director, this magnum opus is the film to beat this year.