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ROCKTON, IL—Expressing frustration at the blatantly unrealistic detail, sources claimed Monday that there was “no way” a fictional TV character could actually afford the huge New York City coffee mug they were seen drinking from several times throughout the show. “The people who made this show clearly have no idea what New York mug prices are actually like these days. I mean, she works in the service industry—how much money do they think she makes?” said local woman Heather Schultz of the spacious and immaculate New York City mug supposedly owned by the 24-year-old character. “I get that not every detail can be 100 percent accurate, but things like this just take me out of the show completely. I mean, I have some friends in New York, and none of their mugs are even close to that big. Even if she inherited the mug from a rich relative, there’s still the cost of maintaining the mug, cleaning the mug, filling it with good coffee—it’s just not possible. Everything in New York is so expensive.” At press time, the exasperated Schultz went on to conclude that the mug “probably wasn’t even real” and had likely been constructed out of plywood.


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