This Minnesota State Museum’s Final Offer To Owner Of Couch From ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Set

MINNEAPOLIS—According to a firm statement given Thursday by the institution’s staff, this is the final offer that the Minnesota State Museum is going to make for the brown living room sofa used on the hit 1970s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show. “$30,000 is as high as we’re willing to go—take it or leave it,” head curator Dennis Larson said in an attempt to settle four months of negotiations for the piece of furniture seen in the first five seasons of the program. “We’d obviously love to have this on display; it would be a valuable addition to our collection, which already contains the fence from Grumpy Old Men and two Little House On The Prairie dresses. But turn this offer down and we walk.” Larson added that under no circumstances would the museum take a bath like it did on Dennis Farina’s Twins jersey from Little Big League.

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