Tom Hanks Recalls Arriving On ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’ Set At Dawn For Grueling 6-Hour Cardigan-Application Process

LOS ANGELES—Saying the process called for incredible patience, Tom Hanks, who stars as Fred Rogers in the forthcoming A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, recalled Tuesday having to arrive on the set of the film before dawn each day for a grueling, six-hour cardigan application process. “I was always at the trailer by 5 a.m. so the cardigan artist and his team of eight assistants could spend the entire morning applying the sweater,” said the two-time Academy Award winner, adding that it was incredibly difficult to act in the unwieldy garment, as it was very itchy and the chemicals used to apply it often burned his skin. “We were working with the top cardigan guy in Hollywood, and he spent months taking molds of my torso so he could build a sweater that would look as realistic as possible on screen. I love how it turned out, but boy, all that time spent holding perfectly still in the chair can wear you down, especially when you consider it took them an additional three hours to apply my tie.” At press time, sources close to the actor confirmed Hanks was furious after learning the studio had decided to go with a CGI sweater. 


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