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NASHVILLE—Confused as to how they should react to his physical appearance, sources reported Monday that it was unclear if the actor Ramon Novarro, who appears shirtless multiple times in the 1931 drama Daybreak, was once considered attractive. “I guess he’s decently tall, and he’s certainly not overweight, but a smoldering object of desire? That’s a tough sell for someone who wears his pants up to his ribcage,” said Katie Lubeck, 26, noting that although the heroine didn’t seem to mind, Novarro’s wispy pencil moustache didn’t exactly scream “hunk.” “I’m also not sure if I’m supposed to laugh at some of these scenes or if they’re supposed to be heartening. And what’s with Novarro’s long pauses after every line? Is that supposed to make him intense? Is that how courtship actually worked back then?” Upon learning that Novarro was eventually murdered by a pair of teenaged brothers working as prostitutes, Lubeck admitted that was “actually kind of hot.”


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