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LOS ANGELES, CA—Explaining how the in-flight entertainment console didn’t feature any other installments of the crime thriller television series, local man Lucas Grant told reporters Monday that it was unclear what kind of licensing deal led to a single Season 4 episode of The Blacklist being available for viewing on his recent journey from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. “There’s a bunch of movies, as well as full first seasons of other shows, but for some reason the only episode of the The Blacklist they have is some random one from 2016,” said a confused Grant, speculating that the airline may have a strange deal with the show’s production company or that perhaps some other airline has the rest of the streaming rights, since it’s the sixth episode in the season and he knows for a fact that the show is serialized and meant to be watch sequentially. “I was like, oh, nice, I’ve been meaning to check out The Blacklist, but then all they have to watch is an episode called ‘The Thrushes,’ which isn’t even from the show’s most recent season. Maybe it’s a technical glitch or something that allowed it to slip through? I mean, it also seems like it’s only available in Spanish.” At press time, Grant decided he would just watch Season 3, Episode 9 of Angie Tribeca, which was also available for viewing.


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