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LOS ANGELES—Following revelations about the actress’s alleged involvement in a college bribery scandal, University of Southern California officials told reporters Tuesday that Lori Loughlin’s daughter was admitted solely based on her socioeconomic background. “We certainly condemn bribery, but we would also like to acknowledge that USC student Olivia Jade earned her way here just like every other freshman: By having lucked into growing up in the right zip code,” said spokesperson Sara McLaren, explaining that the 19-year-old Bel Air native demonstrated that she was Trojan material by listing an elite all-girls private school with a nearly $40,000-per-year tuition on her Common Application. “Since our founding in 1880, applicants have been assessed purely on strength of social class, and Olivia’s name jumped right off the page. From extracurriculars that are exclusive to the top 1 percent, to college prep classes exclusive to the top 1 percent, to recommendation letters from other members of the top 1 percent, Olivia gained entrance to USC on her economic merit and her economic merit alone.” McLaren added that the YouTube personality also appealed to admissions officers by offering a diversity in perspective to her freshman class with her experiences of growing up a celebrity.


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