LOS ANGELES—While acknowledging concerns that men vastly outnumber women in key creative positions in Hollywood, a coalition of female writers, producers, and directors told reporters Wednesday they have “absolutely no problem at all” being underrepresented behind the scenes of NBC’s The Blacklist. “It is high time that women made significant strides forward in film and television, but that said, we’re totally fine not making any of those strides on a show where James Spader regularly wears a fedora and is supposed to be the world’s greatest criminal mastermind,” said coalition spokeswoman Gina Erickson, adding that the ongoing movement for equality in the industry could still make progress even if men wrote most of the dialogue spoken by actresses in a drama that rests on the concept that Spader has compiled a list of the world’s most dangerous criminals and demands to lead FBI efforts to catch them. “If the unique perspectives of women in modern society aren’t fully articulated on a dramatic TV series in which the lead female character is an FBI profiler who fails to realize her own husband is a secret assassin, that is, in all honestly, completely acceptable to us.” The coalition later issued a broader statement indicating that, upon further review, they would in fact be okay with not being represented behind the scenes of NBC’s entire current programming lineup.